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Michelangelo Vasta
Elenco completo Forms of Enterprise (2010) Evolution of Italian Enterprises (2006) WP

Forms of Enterprise in the 20th Century Italy. Boundaries, Structures and Strategies, curato da A. Colli e M. Vasta, Cheltenham, Elgar Publishing, 2010.




Taking an historical perspective, this unique book highlights the evolution of the many diverse forms of business enterprise, and discusses the contribution of these different types of firm to the economic growth of Italy.


One important issue that has recently captured the attention and the research efforts of both economists and economic historians has been the debate on varieties of capitalism in the modern world. In this context, the expert contributors analyze the various stages of Italian development that have been characterized by diverse dominating forms of enterprise which, in turn, have adapted to the nature of technological and market opportunities at the institutional, national and international level. This book proposes a new interpretation of the 'Italian case' that utilizes both the structural and macroeconomic perspective of comparative history, as well as the microeconomic perspectives focusing on the strategies of different economic agents.


Based on solid quantitative evidence, this original work will prove to be a valuable resource for academics and students of strategy and organization, economic historians and applied economists.




Presentation - F. Amatori



1. Introduction: Forms of enterprise in Twentieth century Italy - A. Colli & M. Vasta


Section I. Big business: catching the technological frontier

2. Big Business (1913-2001) - R. Giannetti & M. Vasta

3. State owned enterprises (1936-1983) - P.A. Toninelli & M. Vasta

4. Foreign enterprises (1913-1972) - A. Colli


In depth:

5. Big business and Italian industrial policies after WWII - F. Fauri

6. Financing the largest Italian manufacturing firms: ownership, equity, and debt (1936-2001) - G. Piluso & L. Conte


Section II. The power of localism: exploiting windows of opportunity

7. Small firms and local production systems in Italy (1900-1960) - M. Perugini & V. Romei

8. Public utilities (1952-2000) - S. Fari & A. Giuntini


In depth:

9. Industrial policy and artisan firms (1930s-1970s) - G.M. Longoni & A. Rinaldi


Section III. In search of an identity: struggling with the context

10. Leaping frogs in the demography of the Italian manufacturing firms (1911-1971) - L. Castellucci & R. Giannetti

11. The medium-sized manufacturing enterprise (1927-1981) - F. Lavista


Section IV. Cooperation: the importance of networking

12. Co-operatives (1951-2001) - P. Battilani & V. Zamagni







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